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F. A. Q.

  • How do I buy tickets to TCI shows?

    Please, check the list of our official ticket agents in the Billboard section.

  • How do I get my money back for the cancelled shows during the pandemic and the high-alert mode?

    According to the resolution of the Russian Government #442 of the 3 of April, 2020 and according to amendments to the resolution of the Russian Government #830 of the 6 of June, 2020:

    In case of POSTPONEMENT of the event the tickets remain valid. The return of the money for the tickets to the shows is not provided. The ticket doesn't need exchanging and is valid for the show with the new date as it originally was. However, at the request of the visitor the ticket can be exchanged for the new one with the actual date of the show. In order to do that the visitor should address the agent they acquired the ticket from.

    In case of CANCELLATION of the show the visitor has a right to fully get the money back for the cancelled show within 180 days from the day of the appeal after the high-alert mode and state of emergency are lifted. However, if the day of the appeal fell on the period of the high-alert mode (i.e. starting on the 5 of March, 2020), 180 days are counted from the first day at work after the corresponding mode is lifted. The ticket owner has a right to appeal for the return of the money not later than 6 months from the day of cancellation of the high-alert mode.

  • Is there a list of items I cannot take to the show?

    Any sort of arms, stabbing and cutting items, glass containers, professional photo and video equipment are prohibited at the shows. Filming and taking photographs is prohibited as well.

  • Can I visit the show with a child and do I have to buy a ticket for him/her?

    You can bring a child and you do have to buy a ticket for him/her. Please, note that according to the Federal Law on “Protection of children from the information harming their health and development” and to the Federal Law on “General guarantees of the rights of children of the Russian Federation” it is necessary to get acquainted with the age limit of a specific show. We also remind you that staying of minors in public places after 22 pm is only allowed at the presence of parents or people with the corresponding rights.

Please, don't copy, scan or take a picture of your ticket and don't upload it online. Remember that crooks can use your barcode!
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